Eastern Lightning, The Church of Almighty God was created because of the appearance and work of Almighty God, the second coming of the Lord Jesus, Christ of the last days. It is made up of all those who accept Almighty God's work in the last days and are conquered and saved by His words. It was entirely founded by Almighty God personally and is led by Him as the Shepherd. It was definitely not created by a person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. God's sheep hear God's voice. As long as you read the words of Almighty God, you will see God has appeared.

Reflecting the Annunciation in Luke 1:35, the early Apostles' Creed states that Jesus was "conceived by the Holy Spirit".[122] The Nicene Creed refers to the Holy Spirit as "the Lord and Giver of Life" who with the Father and the Son together is "worshiped and glorified".[123] While in the act of the Incarnation, God the Son became manifest as the Son of God, the same did not take place for God the Holy Spirit which remained unrevealed.[124] Yet, as in 1 Corinthians 6:19 God the Spirit continues to dwell in bodies of the faithful.[124][125]

The Age of Law lasted for 4,000 years, from humankind’s fall (believed to have occurred 6,000 years ago, according to the traditional literalist interpretation of the Bible) to the birth of Jesus of Nazareth During this period, God revealed himself as Jehovah and gave to the Israelites his ten commandments. Although the sinful nature of humans justified God’s wrath, from the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden to the Flood and beyond, God also revealed and manifested his love. In this respect, the Church of Almighty God emphasizes some details of the Biblical narrative. For example, in the story of Adam and Eve, the Church notes the importance of the clothes with which they will be able to cover themselves, overcoming the newly discovered shame of being naked. According to the Book of Genesis (3:21), God made them with his own hands. Although humans sin, God loves them to the point of taking personal care of their clothing. After the Flood, the rainbow that appeared to Noah’s family symbolized the promise of God that he would not destroy his people with a flood again. The Church of Almighty God teaches that even today rainbows appear to remind us of God’s love.
But may god forgive the literary critic who swallows the guff of Twenge and her ilk. — Josephine Livingstone, New Republic, "American Authors Are Swearing More. So What?," 11 Aug. 2017 A little floofy, but Shu Uemura's Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil tamps it down into honest to god blow-out waves. — Rachel Nussbaum, Glamour, "This Straightening Brush Takes Me From Curly to Smooth in 20 Minutes Flat," 10 July 2017
Whether God could have made a world in which fire warmed but didn’t burn and there were no destructive earthquakes is difficult. After all, earthquakes are paradoxically essential for the maintenance of life. Certainly, God could have made a world in which there was no moral evil. But there would have been no humans in it--it would be a robotic world. The greatest God-given capacity we humans have is the capacity to love. It inevitably carries with it the capacity to hate. Hence the world presents us all with a mixed picture – beauty and barbed wire.
By "death" God is not referring to the physical death which we might have in mind. Rather, God is referring to something which will happen in eternity, after our physical deaths. The Scriptures refer to this event as the "second death."8 The first death separates us from our bodies and takes us from this world. The second death is different. It also entails a separation, but it's the separation of one group of people from another: the righteous and the forgiven on one hand and the wicked and the unrepentant on the other. The two groups will be judged separately.
The Church of Almighty God believes that Almighty God is the returned Jesus in our days and was born in China, a country that, according to the church, represents at the same time the place where the evil Great Red Dragon of the Book of Revelation manifested itself in the semblance of the Chinese Communist Party and where the Second Coming of Jesus Christ must also manifest himself.[39] As Emily Dunn noticed, the theology identifying the Great Red Dragon with a political power that persecutes Christian has not been invented by The Church of Almighty God but has a long tradition among Chinese Christians, including the Shouters.[40]
On May 28, 2014, a group of “missionaries” entered a McDonald diner in Zhaoyuan, Shandong. and started asking customers for their phone numbers in order to contact them again in the future. One client, Wu Shuoyan (1977-2014), refused to supply her phone number. One of the “missionaries”, Zhang Lidong (1959-2015), beat her to death. Chinese authorities and media claimed that The Church of Almighty God was responsible for the murder and intensified the persecution, which however has started well before. I and other scholars researched the issue on the basis of documents supplied by the same Chinese authorities, and concluded that The Church of Almighty God was not responsible for the crime. At the trial following the crime, Zhang Lidong and other members of the group explicitly declared that they were not members of The Church of Almighty God led by Zhao Weishan and regarded as “Almighty God” two persons, Zhang Lidong’s daughter, Zhang Fan (1984-2015, who was sentenced to death together with her father and executed), and her friend Lü Yingchun (b. 1975). The group can be described as a syncretism with beliefs taken from several different Chinese new religions, and at any rate was not part of The Church of Almighty God. Other accusations of criminal activities against The Church of Almighty God appear even less persuasive. The charge that it “kidnaps” pastor of Christian churches to convert them seems rather a way by mainline Christian denominations in China to explain why so many of their members, including prominent leaders, converted to The Church of Almighty God.
The McDonald's murder was later studied by scholars of new religious movements such as Emily Dunn,[56] David Bromley and Massimo Introvigne.[57] They came to different conclusions with respect to earlier reports by most Chinese and Western media, and argued that the assassins were part of a small, independent cult not connected with Eastern Lighting, who used the words "Almighty God" to designate as a "dual deity" its two female leaders, Zhang Fan (Zhang Lidong's daughter, who was executed in 2015) and Lü Yingchun.[58]. At trial, the defendants stated explicitly that, although they both used the name “Almighty God,” their group and The Church of Almighty God led by Zhao Weishan were two different organizations. One of the leaders, Lü Yingchun, declared, “the state labeled Zhao Weishan’s fake ‘Church of Almighty God’ as a evil cult , and we label them as ‘evil spirits.’ Only Zhang Fan and I … could represent the real ‘Church of Almighty God.’ Zhang Fan and I are the unique spokeswomen for the real ‘Almighty God.’ The government has been cracking down on the Almighty God that Zhao Weishan believes in, not the ‘Almighty God’ we mention. They are fake ‘Almighty God,’ while we are the real ‘Almighty God.’”[59]
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Asherah, formerly the wife of El, was worshipped as Yahweh's consort[69] or mother;[70] potsherds discovered at Khirbet el-Kôm and Kuntillet Ajrûd make reference to "Yahweh and his Asherah",[71][72] and various biblical passages indicate that her statues were kept in his temples in Jerusalem, Bethel, and Samaria.[73][74] Yahweh may also have appropriated Anat, the wife of Baal, as his consort, as Anat-Yahu ("Anat of Yahu," i.e., Yahweh) is mentioned in 5th century BCE records from the Jewish colony at Elephantine in Egypt.[75] A goddess called the Queen of Heaven was also worshipped, probably a fusion of Astarte and the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar,[73] possibly a title of Asherah.[76] Worship of Baal and Yahweh coexisted in the early period of Israel's history, but they were considered irreconcilable after the 9th century BCE, following the efforts of King Ahab and his queen Jezebel to elevate Baal to the status of national god,[77] although the cult of Baal did continue for some time.[78]
The connection between Yahweh and Metatronic Reversal that led to genetic damage and black hole alien hybridization is explained as; multiple millions of years ago the host mission of the Metatronic Family was to help repair the parts that fell into separation in the Milky Way that were originally from Andromeda. This was the result of the Lyran Wars or the Fall of Lyra. Lyra was the 12th Gate that connected directly into the Andromedan Galaxy. When Lyra fell its higher pieces that had connected to the natural Krystal Codes or Kryst Codes and Krystal Architecture, the Eternal Living Light Architecture became reversed and locked into the Milky Way System. As a result it became distorted and the Metatron Collective attempted to retrieve and repair this 12th Gate and unfortunately they failed. As a result of the failed attempts of the Metatron Collective they were absorbed into the AI System that became formed and this eventually digressed into the Yahweh system and it this system or matrix that is connected into a black cube matrix. This black cube matrix is connected in through Saturn and that construct is siphoning life force from our Universal Time Matrix and routing it back into their black hole system, the place that is the origination of these negative alien agenda intruders. Saturn is also the Solar Seventh Gate so it’s been pumping out reversal violet ray plasma light and this has been a source of the distortion that generates reversal violet light onto our planet. This is one of the alien constructs that is used to impale the Crucifixion Implants on the axiatonal lines throughout the planetary body. The Saturn control base has been in warfare over these black cube constructs, which also relates to the reversal violet ray plasma fields that were being transmitted from Saturn's bases.
Jump up ^ The ulterior etymology is disputed. Apart from the unlikely hypothesis of adoption from a foreign tongue, the OTeut. "ghuba" implies as its preTeut-type either "*ghodho-m" or "*ghodto-m". The former does not appear to admit of explanation; but the latter would represent the neut. pple. of a root "gheu-". There are two Aryan roots of the required form ("*g,heu-" with palatal aspirate) one with meaning 'to invoke' (Skr. "hu") the other 'to pour, to offer sacrifice' (Skr "hu", Gr. χεηi;ν, OE "geotàn" Yete v). OED Compact Edition, G, p. 267
…Hebrew personal name for God, YHWH (commonly transcribed “Yahweh”), is predominantly used, those in which the Hebrew generic term for God, Elohim, is predominantly used, and those (also Elohist) in which the priestly style or interest is predominant. According to this hypothesis, these documents—along with Deuteronomy (labelled D)—constituted the original…
Yahweh, as the actual name of the supreme being, seems to have remained in use until the Babylonian Exile in the 6th century BCE. At that time King Nebuchadnezzar attacked and defeated Judah (as the southern kingdom of what was once Canaan came to be called) and carried off the aristocratic and elite to Babylon. These captives were the intellectuals and artists, the doctors, teachers and the priests of the people. Instead of the temples in which Yahweh had been worshipped back in their home, the Hebrew priests gathered their people together in what became known as a synogogue (a Greek word meaning `to bring together’) where they would discuss the supreme being, receive religious instruction and, for the young, practice their native language. In this way the culture of the Hebrews, and the name of Yahweh, was preserved throughout the Exile.
In Trinitarian theology, God the Father is the "arche" or "principium" (beginning), the "source" or "origin" of both the Son and the Holy Spirit, and is considered the eternal source of the Godhead.[97] The Father is the one who eternally begets the Son, and the Father eternally breathes the Holy Spirit. The Son is eternally born from God the Father, and the Spirit eternally proceeds from the Father,[27][97] and, in the Western tradition, also from the Son.
The term "El Shaddai" may mean "god of the mountains", referring to the Mesopotamian divine mountain.[8] This could also refer to the Israelite camp's stay at Mount Sinai where God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. According to Stephen L. Harris, the term was "one of the patriarchal names for the Mesopotamian tribal god",[8] presumably meaning of the tribe of Abram, although there seems to be no evidence for this outside the Bible. In Exodus 6:3, El Shaddai is identified explicitly with the God of Abraham and with Yhwh.[8] The term "El Shaddai" appears chiefly in Genesis.
Who is God? What has He revealed about Himself? To begin with, whenever He refers to Himself in parental terms, He always addresses Himself as "Father," never "Mother." He calls Himself "a Father to Israel,"1 and in one instance, when His "children" were particularly disrespectful to Him, He said to them, "A son honors his father, and a servant his master. If then I am the Father, where is My honor? And if I am a Master, where is My reverence?" 2 

In Christianity, God is addressed as the Father, in part because of his active interest in human affairs, in the way that a father would take an interest in his children who are dependent on him and as a father, he will respond to humanity, his children, acting in their best interests.[4][5][6][7] Many believe they can communicate with God and come closer to him through prayer – a key element of achieving communion with God.[8][9][10][11]
Almighty God, Christ of the last days, expresses words to judge and purify people, and leads them to enter into the new age—the Age of Kingdom. All those who are obedient under the dominion of Christ will be able to enjoy higher truth, obtain greater blessings, truly live within the light, and also gain the truth, the way, and the life.  Read More ›
Apart from asserting that there is but one God, Paul's statement (which is likely based on pre-Pauline confessions) includes a number of other significant elements: he distinguishes Christian belief from the Jewish background of the time by referring to Jesus and the Father almost in the same breath, and by conferring on Jesus the title of divine honor "Lord", as well as calling him Christ.[5][6] [7]
The centre of Yahweh's worship lay in three great annual festivals coinciding with major events in rural life: Passover with the birthing of lambs, Shavuot with the cereal harvest, and Sukkot with the fruit harvest.[52] These probably pre-dated the arrival of the Yahweh religion,[52] but they became linked to events in the national mythos of Israel: Passover with the exodus from Egypt, Shavuot with the law-giving at Sinai, and Sukkot with the wilderness wanderings.[49] The festivals thus celebrated Yahweh's salvation of Israel and Israel's status as his holy people, although the earlier agricultural meaning was not entirely lost.[53] His worship presumably involved sacrifice, but many scholars have concluded that the rituals detailed in Leviticus 1–16, with their stress on purity and atonement, were introduced only after the Babylonian exile, and that in reality any head of a family was able to offer sacrifice as occasion demanded.[54] (A number of scholars have also drawn the conclusion that infant sacrifice, whether to the underworld deity Molech or to Yahweh himself, was a part of Israelite/Judahite religion until the reforms of King Josiah in the late 7th century BCE).[55] Sacrifice was presumably complemented by the singing or recital of psalms, but again the details are scant.[56] Prayer played little role in official worship.[57]
In situations, such as the Baptism of Christ, where a specific representation of God the Father was indicated, the Hand of God was used, with increasing freedom from the Carolingian period until the end of the Romanesque. This motif now, since the discovery of the 3rd century Dura Europos synagogue, seems to have been borrowed from Jewish art, and is found in Christian art almost from its beginnings.
In another tradition, the mystical sacred name is actually 72 letters long and the high priest is said to have communed with the Almighty using this 72-letter name of God, which was written out on a long strip of parchment, folded and slipped inside the high priest's bejeweled breastplate. When someone would ask the high priest a question of Jewish law, the high priest could invoke the name, wherein according to lore the 12 jewels on the breastplate, representing the 12 tribes of the Israelites, would light up with the glory of God.
The Chinese government was immediately suspicious of The Church of Almighty God because of its anti-Communist teachings,[22] and the harsh repression of the mid-1990s targeted together the Shouters and The Church of Almighty God, whose theological differences were not necessarily clear to the Chinese authorities.[23] In 2000, Zhao and Yang went to the United States, where they entered on September 6, and in 2001 they were granted political asylum. Since then, they live in and direct the movement from New York.[24] In early 2009, He Zhexun, who used to be in charge of the work of the Church in Mainland China, was arrested by the Chinese authorities. On July 17, 2009, Ma Suoping (female, 1969–2009), who took over He Zhexun’s role, was also arrested by the Chinese police and died while in custody.[25]
But God, in His infinite love, forgives and forgives and forgives. There are conditions for this forgiveness (Matthew 6:15, Acts 3:19) but they are not difficult to attain. God has made it as easy as possible for us to attain forgiveness and thereby experience His goodness and perfect will. And this forgiveness is absolute. When we are forgiven then we are forgiven and we are washed clean again. A totally clean slate to start on again.
Through the Great Tribulation, I Have Reaped Great Benefits An Arrogant Believer’s Process of Transformation The Transformation of a Fallen Man I Have Finally Seen the Way of Being a True Person I Have Only Just Begun Walking the Right Path of Life Judgment Is Light A Rebirth Pledging My Life to Devotion The Riches of Life The Youth With No Regrets
Watch Sermons Keep The Seventh Day Sabbath With Us.Thanks to modern technology that the Prophet Daniyl prophesied of for our time in history, it is now possible to attend a Sabbath Service that reflects the Law of Yahweh in every possible way. From a trumpet call to attend, the lighting of the Seven-Lamp-Lampstand, placement of the current Ark of Yahweh, the rising incense of prayer, to the enlightening teaching of the Law and the Prophets by the Last Days’ Witness, Yisrayl Hawkins, services via live stream welcome one and all to join the Family of Yahweh in reverence to Yahweh.
This reduction could appear to be the creative interpretation of masterful will to power — if Nietzsche's thought and style are as uncontrolled as the critics suggest. … Nietzsche himself anticipates the strife of revengeful graffiti at the conclusion of his text: "Wherever there are walls I shall inscribe this eternal accusation against Christianity upon them — I can write in letters which make even the blind see." …Nietzsche says in his preface that his readers must have a "predestination for the labyrinth" and "new ears for new music" if they are to understand this difficult writing.

In Judaism, God is described as "Father" as he is seen as the absolute one, indivisible and incomparable, transcendent, immanent, and non-corporeal God of creation and history.[64][65][66][67] The God in Judaism is the giver of the sabbath and the two torahs—written, oral, mystical tradition—to his chosen people.[68] In Judaism, the use of the "Father" title is generally a metaphor, referring to the role as Life-giver and Law-giver, and is one of many titles by which Jews speak of and to God.[2]
Moses wanted to know God's name, and God tells him, 'I am that I am'; that is to say, 'I am called--or to be called-in accordance with my work in this world.' When I judge mankind I am אלהים Elohim, that being the title or designation for judgment. When I war with the wicked I am known as צבאות Zevooth. When I execute judgment for the sins of man I am known as אלשדי El Shadai, and when I am visiting the world with mercy I am אבני or יהוה Adonoi, the Eternal.
According to Ernst Knauf, "El Shaddai" means "God of the Wilderness" and originally would not have had a doubled "d". He argues that it is a loan-word from "Israelian Hebrew, where the word had a "sh", into "Judaen (and hence, Biblical) Hebrew", where it would have been "śaday" with the sound śin. In this theory, the word is related to the word "śadé" meaning "the (uncultivated) field", the area of hunting (as in the distinction between beasts of the field, חיות השדה, and cattle, בהמות). He points out that the name is found in Thamudic inscriptions (as 'lšdy), in a personal name Śaday`ammī used in Egypt from the Late Bronze Age till Achaemenid times, and even in the Punic name `bdšd' (Servant of Shadé or Shada).[7]
In practice, groups that are regarded as xie jiao are those which are included in the lists periodically updated by the Chinese authorities. In 1995, both the Shouters and the Church of Almighty God were included in the list. The Church of Almighty God has appeared in all lists of xie jiao ever since. Its inclusion was also supported by some leaders of both the State-controlled Three Self Church and some House Churches, which regarded the fact that the Church of Almighty God believes that a living person is the Second Coming of Christ as heretical.

The Hebrew verb hayah means rather "to become" than "to be" permanently. But good authorities deny that the Hebrew verb denotes being in motion rather than being in a permanent condition. It is true that the participle would have expressed a permanent state more clearly; but then, the participle of the verb hayah is found only in Exodus 9:3 , and few proper names in Hebrew are derived from the participle.
To enforce their Patriarchal domination in human culture, some False Father archetypes were hand selected by the NAA and showcased as Patriarchal Prophets for their violent religions. Through brainwashing methods employing militarization strategy with technological Mind Control, the predator mind and their religions were downloaded into the planetary mind. When the planetary mind was invaded, the collective race mind of humanity was forever changed. Over generations of religious programming, the truth of the NAA invasion was forgotten through the consistent consciousness wiping and recycling of the collective Soul body of the earth.
The Church of Almighty God, aka Eastern Lightning, was created in 1990 by former physics teacher Zhao Weishan. Its primary belief is that a woman named Yang Xiangbin, also called Lightning Deng, is the female reincarnation of Jesus and has returned to Earth to guide her followers. She is also alleged to be Zhao’s mistress. This cult is notoriously dangerous.
John Piper (@JohnPiper) is founder and teacher of desiringGod.org and chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary. For 33 years, he served as pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is author of more than 50 books, including Desiring God: Meditations of a Christian Hedonist, and most recently Expository Exultation: Christian Preaching as Worship.
Monotheists refer to their gods using names prescribed by their respective religions, with some of these names referring to certain cultural ideas about their god's identity and attributes. In the ancient Egyptian era of Atenism, possibly the earliest recorded monotheistic religion, this deity was called Aten,[8] premised on being the one "true" Supreme Being and creator of the universe.[9] In the Hebrew Bible and Judaism, "The Existing One",[10] "I Am that I Am" and its initials, the tetragrammaton YHWH (Hebrew: יהוה‎, "I am who I am") are used as names of God. Yahweh and Jehovah are used in Christianity as vocalizations of YHWH. In the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, God, coexisting in three "persons", is called the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In the Hebrew Tanakh, God is referred to as Elohim or Adonai, in addition to other names. In Islam, the name Allah is used, while Muslims also have a multitude of titular names for God.